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Winnipeg Pet Care!

Welcome to Seven Oaks Veterinary Hospital! Your local veterinarian in Winnipeg. We’re proud to provide a wide variety of veterinary medical services for dogs, cats, small mammals and exotic pets in Winnipeg & surrounding areas!

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Gentle Handling and Emotional Awareness

Animals read mood and body language with great sensitivity. We have the highest regard for your pet’s emotions and act intuitively to relax, comfort and reassure your pet. Over-restraint, disregard for the patient’s body language and/or lack of patience can induce the fear response that we wish to avoid.

Respect for Pet Patient’s and Client’s Interests

I believe treatment and preventative medical decisions must be made with the patient (pet) in mind. My client’s (owners) situation and perspective is also respected in any decision-making about treatment options.


I am here for the animals. I will not pressure you to perform multiple diagnostic tests all at once. If diagnostic tests are needed, I will perform the most relevant one first, keeping your expenses as reasonable as possible while still fulfilling your animal’s needs.

Adequate Time

Your pet’s appointment will last as long as it takes me to examine him/her, diagnose a problem, explain options and answer your questions. I will not be rushing to my next appointment until I feel the job is done.

Client Education and Involvement

I will not perform a procedure or give any medication unless you understand why I am doing it, how much it costs, and what other options may exist. I will not take your animal away from you to perform diagnostic procedures – you will always be able to see what I am doing (unless you are squeamish – then I will respect and accommodate that).

Proactive, Not Reactive Medicine

Just as with humans, dogs and cats tend to incur more problems in their middle-aged to older years of life. However, the causes (poor diet, lack of exercise, overmedicating, genetics) tend to be present much earlier. My goal is to prevent problems or uncover them as they start, and not wait until they’ve made your animal sick or caused other health problems.